Server Rack || 32U’ || atop || PPSL-FS-6132

৳ 42,500.00 ৳ 42,000.00

Floor Standing Network Cabinet (Mesh Door)


-19″ standard installation achieves the international standard for the installation of

the versatility of the parts, door interchangeability.

-Hexagonal reticular high-density vented plate front single door and a rear double door.

-Assembled frame structure, assembled and disassembled shipment maximize save

shipping costs.

-Removable side panels, easy to install and maintain.

-Various optional accessories, convenient and fast installation, efficient cabinet

baying kit.

-Adjustable feet and heavy-duty castors are available at the same time, convenient to

move or fix.

-Ventilation area reaches 71%, the ventilation rate is 71%, can meet the requirements of

heat dissipation.

-Several lockable cable entry on top cover and bottom panel. Front rear door and side panel easy to install and remove bottom ventilation and rat proof.

-Various optional dimensions and structures according to customer requirements.